‘We are all entitled to a happy life’

Therefore whatever is stopping us from leading a happy life can be dealt with.

Welcome to our therapeutic practice which is open in the heart of Cricklewood in North London since July 2013.

Our area of expertise is working with the subconscious mind. We use a variety of techniques to achieve the following:

1. Quickly and effectively resolve current problems
– Unlike traditional psychotherapy, which can take several months/years, our therapy goes strait to the point and resolves your issues within a few sittings.

2. Achieve profound long-term changes
– Instead of short term effects common with many therapies, it brings about long term changes which will last for a lifetime.

3. Problem resolution already during the first session
– You feel the results right from the first session and not just in our practice but also in real-life!

4. Gentle change
– During our sessions, you are always 100% aware and in control of the sessions. We work at your own pace.