Q. What are the prerequisites for a successful therapy?

In order for the therapy to be a success the following attitudes should be adopted:

  • Strong will/motivation to resolve own problems
  • Active involvement and uncritical acceptance of the therapy process
  • Readiness to discuss any problems without hiding any details
  • Willingness to cooperate and follow instructions

Q. How long is a session?

An average session lasts three hours. Minimum duration is two hours and maximum is four hours. We start with an interview, which has the feel of a traditional counselling session. We discuss the reasons for the therapy and what would the client like to accomplish.

After the initial interview, we move on to regression. The regression is done while seated with the eyes closed so all attention can be directed on the inner experience. The duration of regression itself usually varies lasting up to 4 hours.

The session is concluded with a talk to get reoriented and integrate the whole experience.

Q. How many sessions are recommended?

Some clients are finding that one session is sufficient to resolve their problems and they go back to their everyday life. Others have either more that they’d like to address or are looking for a more profound healing. The rule here is to progress at ones own speed.

Q. Can everyone be regressed?

Although statistical research suggests that there is a small percentage of people who cannot be regressed, in our practice to date we have had a 100% success rate at regressing all our clients.

Q. Is it possible to have a therapy in my own home?

We do offer online sessions for those who prefer their therapy to be carried out in the privacy of their home. All is needed is a room with good internet connection.

Q. Is a regression/past life therapy the same as a tarot/psychic reading?

No. A regression/past life therapy is very different from a psychic reading.  Clients are not being told about their experiences or past lives, instead they are actively participating in a process that enables them to re-experience their past memories. This is a profound and engaging process.

Whereby the goal is not only to resolve current problems but also to gain direct experience of yourself healing and growing.

Q. Do you use Hypnosis?

As mentioned earlier the use of Hypnosis is optional for Regression Therapy. However we do encourage Hypnosis for Past Life Therapy as this tends to act as bridge for accessing distant memories. Under Hypnosis one can still be aware of their surroundings while at the same time Past Life memories resurface with ease.

Q. Does anyone loose control in Hypnosis?

No, all hypnosis is self hypnosis so no-one can be made to do or say anything they are not 100% happy with. During the whole process it is sufficient to open the eyes to finish the hypnosis at any time.

Q. What is the subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind is the part that stores all information that the conscious mind is currently not using and governs all automatic processes in the body. It also directs the unconscious behaviour by tapping into our emotional library, belief systems and habits that were acquired in the childhood when one was unable to make informed decisions by themselves.

Q. What are the payment terms?

Appointments in person can be prepaid or paid in full on the day. Online therapy sessions are payable in advance. Payment may be made online through Paypal or bank transfer. Please note that Paypal incurs an additional 4% internal transaction fee.

Q. Is it possible to cancel/reschedule my appointment?

Appointments cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice will be rescheduled. We don’t provide refunds for cancellations within 24 hours or no turn up.