Why Therapy?


People come for our therapy for many different reasons. Besides looking for a resolution of an immediate pressing problem there are other reasons for therapy that are of no lesser importance:


Who we are today represents a culmination of all the experiences we have had to date. All these past events affect many aspects of our behaviour, and in some cases, past deeply emotional traumas can be hidden and cause psychological problems which can not be resolved with ordinary psychotherapy. Regression therapy aims to release these repressed thoughts and brings about a beneficial change.


Exploring your past offers a whole new dimension to the understanding of your own life and character. You will realise with greater understanding how everything is intricately connected.


Over time, many people develop passion for uncovering their past and putting things right. It’s only when we resolve all issues from our past can we become conscious creators of our own lives and change not just our own future but also that of society.


Our therapy is particularly effective at healing all broken or non functioning relationships. It is certainly true that we are here not to please everyone, but this should not be stopping us from having a good relationship with everyone.


Over the years we have been through many situations which left an imprint in our psyche in the form of unnecessary fears. These can act as an obstacle for our further development. Our therapy has proved to be very useful for people feeling stuck in their lives or feeling like they could be doing more with their lives as they obtain a clear sense of direction.