Am I on the right path?

Sometimes, we question ourselves whether we are walking on the correct path in our life:

‘Am I on the right path?’ ‘Am I doing this correctly?’ ‘Is this the way its supposed to be?’ But how to be sure that the place where I am at right now is the correct one? Won’t I be regretting all this one day?

As an opener ponder over the following questions:

1. How do I feel about my current work?
Answer example: ‘Nothing exciting, it could be better’ vs. ‘I love my job so that I could do it for free’

2. How do I feel about my partner?
Answer example: ‘We share some nice moments but struggle sometimes’ vs. ‘My partner is my treasure’

3. What is the state of my finances?
Answer example: ‘I am worried whenever I receive my bank statement’ vs. ‘I got plenty and can afford what I like’

4. What is my health status?
Answer example: ‘I get sick quite frequently not really sure why’ vs. ‘I am in best health and can see myself living until 100′

5. How do I feel about myself?
Answer example: ‘Sometimes I hate myself’ vs. ‘I am my best friend’

If most of your answers were positive than you are on the right path in your life.
However if you have answered most of the questions negatively then you are probably still searching for the right path.