Regression Therapy

It is really thrilling to live in an day and age when therapeutic methods have been perfected to the degree that nearly any psycho and/or somatic issue can be effectively treated and resolved. A world of endless opportunities is literally unfolding in front of our eyes and yes we are all part of it!

Take a deep long breath and reflect on this:

With the increasing demands of our modern lives, we seem to have lost the connection with ourselves and hence became stressed and worried. This is undoubtedly increasing tension and creating discomfort in our lives. Through the barriers of our negative experiences and emotions it has become difficult or nearly impossible to reconnect with ourselves and realise who we are and what we are here for.

We are optimistic to claim that any problem in life can be resolved.

To date, many of our clients have successfully resolved the following issues and problems:

– Relationships within work and family
– Headaches, asthma and other problems
– All kinds of fears including phobias of spiders, heights, water and etc.
– Addictions to alcohol, tobacco and other substances
– Grief due to demise of loved ones
– Depression and suicidal tendencies
– Eating disorders and related problems

Unlike psychiatry, Regression Therapy is not a patch work or a short term solution to remove the symptom leaving behind the root cause of the issue to take another shape and reappear.

What is Regression Therapy?

Regression Therapy is a holistic therapy that works with the body, mind, emotions and the soul. It is based on the principles of cause and effect and that your reactions and the way you respond to problems are based on past events and experiences.

Regression Therapy is an ancient unfailing and time tested method of treatment. With the help of focused concentration we embark on a unique journey into ourselves. During this process we will be your guide as all of the journeying is done by you our clients. At the same time you are free to choose the technique for your session. Whether hypnosis, guided meditation or just plainly focused mind, we are happy to take the lead. Some people do not feel comfortable about working with hypnosis and we do respect that.

The whole therapy is an intensive and profound experience and is not to be taken lightly. In order to ensure that the therapy would be effective a set of attitudes should be adopted by the client – please see our FAQ section.